Research Schools

East London Research School is our nearest Research School.

The foundation of their approach is based on trust and collaboration, and they aim to improve the life chances of children and young people in East London.

The East London Research School is a collaboration between Sheringham Nursery, Kaizen Primary and Little Ilford Secondary schools.

The team developed Manor Park Talks, the EEF-funded programme to improve children’s early communication. They are currently working with the Department for Education on developing the curriculum for the Early Years.

They work with the UCL Institute of Education, the world’s number one university for education, to improve the quality and impact of professional development and ensure that it is based on research and evidence.

The Alliance has worked together with the Institute of Education on the highly successful Peer Enquiry and Learning Programme (PEAL) and have the Institute of Education Gold Quality Mark for Professional Development.

The Research School has presented their ground-breaking research at international conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.

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