ELTSH Appropriate Body Services

What are Appropriate Body Services and who are they for?

An Appropriate Body has two key roles: monitoring of support and monitoring of assessment of ECTs over the course of their two year induction period. An Appropriate Body makes the final decision, based on a Headteacher’s recommendation, as to whether an ECT has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards. All schools that offer statutory induction are required to register their Early Career Teachers (ECTs) with an Appropriate Body. This is a chargeable service.

Please note: Appropriate Body services are separate from the Early Career Framework which is a professional development entitlement which is statutory from September 2021. (Provider-led Early Career Framework Full Induction Programmes are fully-funded by the DFE and are free to schools who sign up to them).

Who can act as an Appropriate Body (AB)?

From September 2021, only Teaching School Hubs and Local Authorities are allowed to offer AB services. This means that the East London Teaching School Hub, Hackney Education and Tower Hamlets Education Partnership are your local AB providers.

How much does the East London Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body Service cost?

Appropriate Body Services are dependent on the type of ECF teacher development programme you have chosen. This is because ABs must also conduct ECF fidelity checks and our fees reflect the cost of delivering the level of service required.

Schools registered on a Provider-led Full Induction Programme
 £500 per site and 1st ECT
£450 if you are on the ELTSH FIP in a cluster led by MsfG
Schools who have opted for the ECF Core Induction Programme
£650 per site and 1st ECT
Schools who have opted to design a School-Based Programme
£950 per site and 1st ECT
All fees include two years of statutory induction

£350 for additional ECTs at each site

Appropriate Body Services for legacy NQT induction:
We are also offering AB services for those ‘legacy’ NQTs who began their induction during 2020-2021 and will continue their induction period into 2021-22.
Fee:  £100 per term.
Full information on the offer available here.

How do I register my ECTs with the ELTSH Appropriate Body?
From Monday 12th July onwards:

Register your ECTs on our online platform


For further information please contact ab@eastlondontsh.org

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